Cheap Moving Options Out of State

By MovingUP Jan17,2023

cheap moving options out of state

If you’re thinking about moving out of state, there are several affordable options that you should consider. There are a number of companies that offer services for out of state moves, including Greyhound, U-Pack and Allied Van Lines. Read on to learn about some of them.


If you’re looking to move out of state and aren’t ready to shell out the big bucks for a shipping service, Greyhound is a cheap moving option. The company has a number of different services, including package express and hybrid delivery options.

You can book your tickets online or you can use the will call ticket purchase option. You can also visit a Convenience Drop Off Location. A good rule of thumb is to arrive at your departure station at least one hour before your bus departs.

Greyhound is the largest intercity bus transportation company in North America. It operates 876 routes in 132 cities, and performs 2799 trips per day.

Greyhound’s most popular route is New York to Boston. However, this route has stiff competition from Megabus and Amtrak.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is one of the largest moving companies in the world. It has over 400 agents throughout the United States. This means that it can handle virtually any move, anywhere in the country.

Allied also offers storage services for up to 90 days. Their climate-controlled units are great for sensitive items. They can also create custom crates for appliances.

Aside from its extensive network, Allied Van Lines is also known for its high customer service. As such, it’s received many awards for its quality of service. These include the prestigious Women’s Choice Awards.

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Allied has won three consecutive years of the coveted top recommendation in the Moving Services category. It has also been recognized as America’s best customer service provider. The company has a 96% satisfaction rate.


U-Pack offers a low-cost option for moving across state lines. This company provides secure storage at a service center for your belongings, as well as door-to-door delivery. The company offers a discount for booking online.

Depending on your move, you may qualify for a discount. You can save up to 100% on your transportation charge. To calculate your move’s cost, you’ll need to provide an accurate inventory list of your belongings.

U-Pack has an excellent customer support system, with a customer care number you can call for any question or concern you may have. They also offer discounts for military personnel and college students.

Moving is one of the cheapest ways to transport your possessions, and U-Pack can do it in a hurry. With U-Pack, you can have your belongings delivered to your door in as little as two hours. However, you will need to be prepared to do some heavy lifting. It is best to have your things properly packed and loaded, or your shipment could end up arriving damaged.

Three Movers

Moving from state to state can be a stressful and expensive process. To reduce the cost of your move, hire a full service moving company. These professionals will handle everything from packing and hauling to unpacking and preparing your home for disposition.

Most moving companies charge for mileage, fuel and labor, as well as for the time it takes to pack and load your items. The amount of time will depend on the size of your household. Your move may also require a storage unit or a stop along the way.

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If you decide to go with a professional moving company, you’ll find that they know how to wrap delicate items, use special lifting equipment, and have experience storing and transporting a variety of valuables. You’ll get a custom estimate and be able to choose from a range of add-on services.

Shipping out of state

If you are moving out of state, there are several ways to save money. One of the most cost-effective options is to ship your possessions across the country.

A number of companies can help you move your items from one state to another. The cost depends on your distance, weight, and the type of shipment you are sending. Some shipping companies are more affordable than others.

You can also sell some of your stuff to reduce the costs of your move. This can help you fund your move and minimize the amount of boxes and packing supplies you need.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional mover. These companies can handle all of your moving needs. They offer quality service, and you can get free quotes.

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