How to Prepare for Moving Out

By MovingUP Feb 21, 2023

how to prepare for moving out

Moving out can be a scary time, but it’s also an exciting step toward independence. It’s a good idea to plan ahead to make the process less stressful and to avoid any surprise expenses.

The best way to prepare for moving out is by making a budget and saving up for any costs you may incur. Having a little extra cash in the bank can help you with the costs of a new apartment, as well as your monthly rent.

Make a budget

Moving out is a big financial commitment, and you need to prepare well in advance. Whether you’re buying or renting, it’s a good idea to start the planning process at least three months before you want to move out.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your moving out is by selling, donating or discarding items you no longer need. Consider your clothes, music and movie collections, old dorm mini-fridges, hot plates and anything else that might be worth a few bucks to someone who could use it.

Once you’ve purged your belongings, be sure to account for the cost of professional movers, boxes, packing supplies and other moving costs in your budget. The more you can save on these costs, the better your move will go.

You’ll also need to set aside enough money for an emergency fund, says Cook. These funds will help you cover rent and other living expenses in the event of an unexpected job loss, illness or financial crisis.


When moving out, it’s important to prioritize which items to pack first and which items can wait. This will help reduce the number of boxes you have to repack at your new home.

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Start by packing the things you’ll need right away when you get to your new home, such as a flashlight, phone charger, and basic household essentials. Keeping these items close to hand will ensure you’re not running around in panic on move-in day trying to find them.

Use blankets and bubble wrap when packing dishes, mugs, and kitchen utensils, as these will make the boxes less likely to break during transport.

Organize your items by room, common function or use. This will make unpacking and settling in much easier!

Before you begin packing, declutter your house and donate anything that isn’t essential. This can be done weeks or months before the move, and it will save you time and energy in the end.


Cleaning and organizing your home for moving out is one of the most important things you can do to prepare. You want to make sure you leave your old place in pristine condition so that the next tenant can move in with ease.

Berry Swift Cleaning advises that you start by cleaning the surfaces that tend to collect the most dirt. That means vacuuming your floors, walls and nooks and crannies.

Also, wipe down the cabinets and drawers in your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. These areas often collect a lot of dust, hair and lint.

It’s also important to clean your stovetop and oven. Food residue is usually left behind when you cook, and it can quickly turn a clean kitchen into an unsanitary mess. Thankfully, you can wipe down these appliances with a simple mixture of water and baking soda or vinegar.

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Whether you’re moving out for the first time or moving for a different reason, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. This gives you plenty of time to give notice, set a budget, and save for moving expenses if necessary.

Start by evaluating what items you can get rid of. Whether you’re selling, donating, or throwing away, this will make the packing process much easier.

Take a walk through every room and think about what you don’t need anymore. It might be old furniture that doesn’t fit in your new space or something you haven’t worn in a year.

Toss, recycle, or donate anything that doesn’t bring you joy. And be sure to put items you can’t live without in a storage container until your move is complete.

Start packing a few weeks before your big day, starting with one room at a time. Then, work your way through the rest of your home.

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