Preparing For a Military Move

By MovingUP Oct25,2022

When preparing for a military move, make sure to do your research. This includes finding out more about your new station and local community. This will help you make decisions about schooling, local parks, and amenities. It is also important to know the rules for living on a military base.

When preparing for a military move, it is vital to begin planning early so you can pack all of your things properly. Taking inventory of your belongings is also crucial. It can take several months to get your items shipped to your new location, so be sure to start packing as soon as possible. It’s also important to let your family and friends know about the process.

While it may seem intimidating, there is an easy way to reduce the stress and hassle of a military move by getting organized before you leave. By making a checklist of essentials, you’ll have less to worry about. You should also get in touch with friends and family who have moved in the past and are familiar with the process.

Another helpful resource for military members is a military moving company. Many companies will move your belongings for you, so you won’t have to pack everything yourself. There are many resources online that can help you prepare for a military move. You can use them to plan a timeline of tasks, and they are free to join!

If you plan to hire a moving company to help you, make sure you find one that offers military discounts. This way, you’ll be able to save money while still having a hassle-free moving experience. Also, military moving companies are typically insured, so they’ll compensate you if you accidentally damage your belongings.

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Before moving, make sure you’ve taken the time to properly pack all your belongings and secure them. If you’re moving overseas, it’s best to contact your local Transportation Office. You can also download orders and fill out Department of Defense forms. These forms include the Application for Shipment (DD Form 1299) and the Counseling Checklist (DD Form 1797).

Your documents are also essential to pack. A copy of your orders and social security card is essential, as are copies of your health records. Passports and insurance information should also be included. Additionally, you should prepare a moving inventory to account for damaged or lost belongings. Additionally, a moving inventory will help you communicate with your family.

If you’re bringing your pet with you, make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations and documents to ensure your pet’s safety. Military installations often limit the number of pets allowed, so it’s best to plan ahead. It is also best to find a pet-friendly hotel along the route. Be sure to bring a copy of your pet’s health certificate and vaccination records. In addition, make sure to pack food and water for your pet before leaving.


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