Moving to New Zealand From the US

If you plan to move to New Zealand, the first step is to secure a work or resident visa. You must book a job in New Zealand to obtain a work visa. However, it’s important to note that getting the visa approved may take a while, although many employers are willing to assist with the process. Once you have the visa, you can’t start working until it’s been approved. Several recruitment agencies specialize in hiring foreign workers to find job openings in New Zealand. You can also check generalized job boards such as Seek and Trade Me Jobs to find vacancies.

New Zealand is a beautiful country that offers a serene and peaceful lifestyle. Its temperate climate and friendly locals make it an ideal place to call home. You’ll never be far from the country’s many beaches and national parks, which provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and swimming. Moreover, the cost of living is lower than in the U.S., which means you’ll have more money to spend on other things.


If you’re considering moving to New Zealand, planning is essential. You’ll need to secure a job and find a place to live. Renting a place is a good idea until you’re familiar with the country and have settled in. If you have children, you should consider living in a community with activities for kids. The New Zealand government prioritizes healthcare and education for children, ensuring that medical bills are subsidized throughout their lives.


Air travel is faster than sea transportation for moving your belongings. The number of items you have and the distance you’re moving will determine which option is best for you. For a 3-bedroom house, air travel is probably the best choice, whereas a 2-bedroom apartment may not require it. Sea shipping may be the quickest option for more significant moves, taking anywhere from a week to a few months to ship your belongings.

Another essential factor to consider when moving to New Zealand from the U.S. is your time zone. Although the country is far from Europe, moving to New Zealand is more accessible from the West Coast than from Europe. The flying time is approximately 12 hours, and the time zones are similar, making jet lag much easier to deal with. Getting to New Zealand from the U.S. is not tricky, but you must prepare and plan to ensure a smooth transition.

Another factor is cost. Moving to New Zealand from the U.S. can be expensive, including visa fees, airline tickets, and shipping costs. The cheapest flight to New Zealand can cost NZD 400, and shipping can cost up to $400. You’ll also need to pay for an apartment in New Zealand, an overseas passport, and an international phone card.

The healthcare system in New Zealand is universal. All citizens and people on specific work visas are eligible for free medical care. However, some services may not be covered by the public health package. However, you can save money and time by buying a travel insurance policy that covers the costs of medical expenses. When moving to New Zealand from the U.S., ensure you plan to care for your health.

Relocating to New Zealand is a great option for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the U.S. From quaint coastal towns to beautiful cities, the country is a popular choice for expats. The language is similar to English, and the local fast food is comparable to the U.S.—except New Zealanders eat Fergburger! The overall culture is relaxed and easygoing.

Shipping companies are similar to sea freight but with more support.
The transit time from the U.S. to N.Z. will depend on your location and the shipping mode. For example, if you live in California, it will take approximately one week to pack and load your goods into a shipping container. If the container is complete, it will take four to seven weeks port-to-port, but it will be shorter if you have a groupage container. Air freight will take up to 10 days to travel from the U.S. to N.Z.

Choosing the right mover is critical to ensuring a smooth move. Local U.S. movers may be suitable for interstate removals but may not be familiar with the ins and outs of NZ-based removals. Choosing the right company for your shipping needs will help ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. The following are some factors to consider when selecting the right company for your shipping needs to New Zealand from the U.S.:

Maersk Line is the largest overseas shipping company. Maersk Line operates 590 containers. It has 324 offices in 115 countries. Their current fleet of Triple-E vItss can carry up to 18,000 twenty-foot containers. The company also has five Triple-E vessels in active service. Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. is the world’s largest privately owned shipping company. It has 480 offices in 150 countries and calls over 315 ports.

Apart from shipping costs, there are a few other costs. Container shipping and removals are the major ones. However, most of these expenses will be covered if you use a reliable shipping company. However, some extra charges may not be included in the shipping quotes. Hence, it is essential to ask your shipping company about these charges and ensure that everything you need to pay for shipping is covered.

Renting a property is an excellent way to get a feel for living in New Zealand.
If you want to live in New Zealand, renting a property is an excellent way to see life. To rent a property, you’ll have to provide proof of identity, income, and some character references (this can be from a former landlord, a real estate agent, or a friend or family member). Then, you’ll be expected to pay the monthly rent, plus any bond and fees.

While renting a property may be more complicated than in the past, it’s still a great way to get a feel for the country. The first step is to decide on a budget and then begin your search for a rental. Consider the types of rental properties available and what amenities are nearby. Be aware that central locations are often more expensive than rural areas, so renting a property near an area you plan to live in is a good idea.

After deciding on a budget, it’s time to determine if you’ll enjoy life in New Zealand. While many people feel that living in a foreign country is expensive, renting a property will give you a taste and help you decide whether the government is for you. Then, it’s time to start saving for the move.

While renting a property, remember to respect the landlord’s rights. You must pay your rent on time, not damage the rental property, and keep it reasonably clean. You are responsible for ensuring you pay the rent on time and cover your expenses. The landlord may want to check the property if you will be out of the country for more than 21 days.

A one-bedroom apartment in New Zealand will cost about 1,500 NZD (560 USD) per week, and a three-bedroom apartment in Auckland would cost around 1,300 NZD (1,320 USD) per week. The rent will vary greatly depending on the size and location of the apartment. It would be best if you were prepared to pay a higher amount for a larger property, but you’ll still be able to save money in the long run.

While New Zealand has 15 official cities, most are in the North Island. There are plenty of smaller towns and rural areas throughout the country. The South Island is much quieter and friendly. The people here are removed from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The North Island is warmer and wetter, while the South Island is more relaxed and drier.

While renting a property is an excellent way to experience the lifestyle of New Zealand, it’s not a good idea to move to a rural area unless you have a steady income. If you’ve lived in New Zealand for a few years, you may want to consider purchasing a property. However, the process is not easy, and you need to be a country resident for a few years before buying a property.

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