Where Are People Going? We Asked You Haul…

Each year, millions of Americans relocate for various reasons, including job opportunities, lifestyle changes, and cost of living adjustments. U-Haul, one of the largest moving and storage companies in the US, provides valuable insights into these migration patterns through their annual migration trends report. This article explores where people are moving to according to U-Haul data and what factors influence these trends.

U-Haul Migration Trends


U-Haul’s migration trends are based on the company’s one-way truck rentals across the United States. This data provides a snapshot of where people are moving to and from, highlighting popular destinations and emerging trends.

Key Findings

The latest U-Haul migration trends report reveals several key findings:

  • Growth in Southern and Western States: States like Texas, Florida, and Arizona continue to attract a significant number of new residents.
  • Decreased Migration to High-Cost Areas: There is a noticeable decline in moves to high-cost areas such as California and New York.
  • Suburban and Rural Growth: Many people are moving away from densely populated urban centers to suburban and rural areas.

Popular Moving Destinations


Texas remains a top destination for movers, with cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas experiencing substantial growth. Key factors include:

  • Job Opportunities: A booming economy with a strong job market.
  • Affordable Housing: Lower cost of living and affordable real estate.
  • Quality of Life: Warm climate, diverse culture, and favorable tax policies.


Florida is another popular destination, attracting people with its sunny weather and no state income tax. Key cities include:

  • Orlando: Known for its entertainment industry and tourist attractions.
  • Tampa: Offers a mix of urban amenities and coastal living.
  • Miami: A cultural hub with a vibrant nightlife and international appeal.


Arizona, particularly the Phoenix metropolitan area, continues to see an influx of new residents. Factors driving this migration include:

  • Warm Climate: Mild winters and abundant sunshine.
  • Growing Economy: Expanding job market in tech, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Access to national parks and recreational activities.

Factors Influencing Migration Trends

Economic Opportunities

Economic factors, including job availability and income potential, are significant drivers of migration. States with robust economies and diverse job markets attract individuals seeking better career prospects.

Cost of Living

The cost of living, including housing affordability, taxes, and overall expenses, plays a crucial role in relocation decisions. Many people move from high-cost areas to states with lower living costs to improve their financial situation.

Quality of Life

Quality of life considerations, such as climate, recreational opportunities, and lifestyle preferences, heavily influence moving decisions. People often relocate to places that offer a better overall living experience and amenities.

Remote Work

The rise of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted migration trends. With the ability to work from anywhere, many people are choosing to move to more desirable locations that were previously impractical due to commuting constraints.


What states are people leaving the most?

According to U-Haul data, states like California, New York, and Illinois have seen significant outbound migration, primarily due to high living costs and economic factors.

Why are Southern states attracting more movers?

Southern states like Texas and Florida attract movers due to their strong job markets, lower cost of living, favorable tax policies, and warm climates.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected moving trends?

The pandemic has accelerated the trend of moving away from densely populated urban areas to suburban and rural regions. Remote work has given people more flexibility in choosing their living locations.


U-Haul’s migration trends offer valuable insights into where people are moving and why. States like Texas, Florida, and Arizona continue to be popular destinations due to their economic opportunities, affordable living costs, and high quality of life. As migration patterns evolve, these insights help us understand the factors driving relocation decisions and the emerging trends in the US.