Moving Preparation Checklist

By MovingUP Apr26,2023

moving preparation checklist

Moving can be daunting, so having a moving preparation checklist to keep track of everything can be immensely helpful.

Start planning early – at least two months prior to moving. Doing this will save both time and stress on moving day!

1. Pack Your Essentials

Pack your essentials when moving. This will provide easy access to what you may need throughout the move and after arriving at your new place.

Create one survival box for the entire family and stock it with hygiene items (toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap and an all-purpose cleaner), towels and bathroom essentials (like toilet paper), bed linens, plastic utensils/plates for meals on the go as well as snacks/drinks/medications as well as an emergency kit.

2. Schedule Your Move

Organization and scheduling your move can make all the difference when it comes to keeping everything on schedule. From packing yourself or hiring a moving company, a timeline is an invaluable way to stay on top of all that needs to be accomplished during this exciting journey.

Planned planning of your move can save time and stress down the line. In fact, starting as soon as possible is recommended if there’s much to be done prior to moving date. At minimum, begin the planning phase several months in advance of your scheduled departure.

3. Schedule Your Utilities

Establishing your utilities early is a key part of moving. Arranging for services as soon as you move into your new home will prevent interruptions and delays in service provisioning.

At least two weeks prior to moving, contact your utility providers so that you have enough time to arrange water and sewer services in your new location.

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4. Schedule Your Moving Company

Booking early with your moving company will save both money and allow you to secure the dates and times you desire.

Assume the worst when moving on a weekend or during summertime – moving companies tend to become scarce during these busy times and can become hard to locate.

5. Prepare Your Pets

Moving can be an extremely trying time for both pets and humans alike, so being mindful of their needs during the transition can help ease stress and make the whole experience smoother for everyone involved.

Start familiarizing your dog with his or her new surroundings by taking them for regular walks around it. This will give them an understanding of what to expect and will help them feel more at ease when out and about again with leash in tow.

6. Prepare Your Vehicle

When moving with a vehicle, it’s crucial that it’s prepared for the journey. No matter whether it’s to a new city or across the country, your car could see lots of miles during its PCS journey.

Make sure your vehicle is in top shape by having all fluid levels checked regularly, this will lower the risk of car trouble during its journey and ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

7. Prepare Your Personal Items

As part of an effort to make moving less stressful, it is advisable to sort through all your personal items and remove anything no longer required. Doing this will simplify the moving process and reduce how much packing needs to be done.

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Start by boxing up non-essentials like off-season sports gear and books you won’t use in your new home – this will leave more time for packing the essentials later on.

8. Prepare Your Electronics

Electronics such as computers, laptops, TVs and stereo systems are essential in today’s household; however, their delicate nature necessitates careful packing during transport to prevent damage during transportation.

Protecting electronics requires using their original packaging, which features padding and inserts designed to ensure their safe transportation.

9. Prepare Your Food

Feeding yourself properly is half the battle! For maximum efficiency, use an excellent recipe and suitable servingware – that way the rest is up to you! Luckily there are numerous choices to consider and some careful preplanning, you could soon be dining! To get you started quickly check out our movables and moving services page where we provide all of the answers needed for success.

10. Prepare Your Clothing

Your new home requires you to be prepared with clothing for the first few days after moving in, so be sure that all of it is carefully packed away in boxes.

Start packing your boxes by filling them with heavier items first; this will reduce the risk of them breaking and falling during transport, and will help organize them better when unpacking.

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