How to Prepare For a Move

By MovingUP Apr25,2023

how to prepare for a move

Packing and moving to a new home can be an emotional ordeal, but with careful planning and preparation you can ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Beginning your move requires creating a list of tasks you wish to complete during it, including packing, scheduling the move and disposing of unwanted items.

Make a List

As part of your preparations for moving day, it is advisable to compile a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be accomplished. Doing this ensures nothing gets left undone or forgotten during the moving process.

In order to create a list, first identify which tasks are essential and which can wait. After doing that, assemble all these tasks into an actual checklist.

A checklist is a list of items that need to be checked off or used as reference in verifying, comparing and ordering processes. A good checklist should be precise, efficient and straightforward for use; too much detail could cause unnecessary confusion and distractions.

Get Organized

When moving long distance or to a new town, organization is key. Doing this will ensure everything runs smoothly and nothing slips by you!

As part of your effort to simplify this process, decluttering and sorting through your home are keys. Doing this will save time and energy when packing boxes.

Holding a garage sale can also help declutter your home while raising some extra funds to put towards moving expenses!

Start Packing

Packing up a home can be one of the most strenuous aspects of moving, but with proper preparation it can become much simpler. Start by gathering packing supplies such as boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, markers and old towels or blankets.

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Next, review closets and cabinets to identify items no longer in use or out-of-season that can be donated, sold or given away as gifts to family or friends.

Make a list of essentials you’ll need for moving day, such as toiletries, snacks, and beverages – you may be amazed how much time this saves! You will soon see just how beneficial this can be in reducing stress levels during moving day!

Schedule the Move

One of the most essential steps when moving is scheduling movers. This should happen at least seven weeks in advance – or even earlier!

Once you have established a date and time for your move, confirm with the moving company to ensure they can accommodate it on that date. If not available, reschedule or seek an alternate solution.

Now is also a good time to begin decluttering and clearing away anything that won’t make it to your new place, which will save money over time while making moving much simpler.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Moving can be the ideal opportunity to purge anything unnecessary from your new home. Instead of hoarding items that you no longer require or use, consider donating or selling them online instead.

Alternative, you could make an extra effort to give away some of your belongings as gifts to friends or family members – not only can this help to lower moving costs but it can be an enjoyable way to bring some cheer into someone’s day!

Living rooms and family rooms often become overrun with items belonging to each member of the household, from old or outdated furniture, decor or other belongings – decluttering these spaces will make your move much simpler!

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