Before moving, there are a plethora of tasks that must be accomplished. But with some careful planning, it won’t be a hassle at all!

Begin by taking inventory of all your belongings and estimating how much it will cost to move. Doing this will enable you to get organized and save time.

Start Packing

If you’re getting ready to move, it is essential that you start the packing process as soon as possible. Starting early will reduce stress over whether or not everything has been packed correctly, saving time in the long run.

Starting to pack can be done room by room. While it takes more time than doing everything at once, the process is much less stressful.

Make the process of packing easier by seeking help. You can hire a professional packer or find someone in your family or circle who can lend a helping hand.

You can also ask your local grocery store for free boxes and packing supplies, saving both money and stress during the move.

Before you relocate, take some time to declutter and organize your belongings. This is an ideal chance to rid yourself of unnecessary items like broken electronics or outdated decor pieces. Furthermore, this is the ideal opportunity to sort through what items you actually want or need to bring with you to your new house.


Before you begin packing up your belongings to move from a large home to a smaller one or from one neighborhood to another, it is essential to declutter and organize them. Doing this makes the move much smoother and less stressful.

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A great way to begin is by making a list of all the items you wish to discard. Doing this will enable you to remain organized and determine what must go and what can be saved.

Though many may feel the urge to hold onto items they think they’ll use later, it’s better to let go and save yourself the trouble by not having to unpack something you don’t need again.

Organizing your closet and donating or selling any linens you no longer require are great ideas. You might even be able to repurpose some of them as cleaning rags or painting drop cloths – an easy way to reduce clutter and earn some extra cash in your pocket!

Prepare for the Big Day

No matter if you’re moving down the street or across America, it is essential to take steps to prepare. Doing so will reduce stress and guarantee that your move runs as smoothly as possible.

Begin your transition by creating a moving inventory and planning out packing activities. Additionally, it is beneficial to declutter your home by getting rid of items that no longer belong in the new space.

Once your inventory is complete, begin packing the rest of your belongings. Start this process as early as a few weeks prior to moving day for maximum efficiency.

In the week leading up to your move, create a comprehensive moving day plan, including an estimated timeline. Additionally, if you’re hiring professional movers, confirm with them when they will arrive and their estimated arrival times.

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Get Organized

Getting organized before you move can be a daunting task, but it can also be a great time-saver.

Begin by clearing away clutter and organizing your belongings. Then you can prioritize which ones should come with you when moving into a new home.

Once everything is organized, it’s time to pack! Arrange your items by room and label each box accordingly.

Don’t forget to stock your new home with essential items like toilet paper, towels and hand soap, according to Ginny Underwood of Virginia’s Easy Living Solutions. Having these things on hand will make it easier to get through the first week after moving in, she advised.

If you have anything that won’t fit in your new home, consider storing it in a storage facility. That way, it won’t take up space on the moving truck and will be easier to locate when needed.

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