Preparing For Move Day

By MovingUP Oct10,2022
If you’re about to move, you need to prepare your home before moving day.
  • This includes re-organizing your boxes by room, packing essentials, and disassembling large pieces of furniture.
  • You also need to start cleaning up your current home and round up the keys for the new property.
  • Before moving day, it’s also important to defrost the refrigerator, pack the necessary clothes, and file a change of address with the post office.

You might have to call friends and family members to notify them of your move. You’ll also want to prepare food for the move. While you can always order takeout, packing food ahead of time can save you money and ensure you have something to eat while you’re packing. This is a good way to prepare for a stress-free moving day.

You may also want to transfer your prescriptions to your new pharmacy. Make sure to bring along a month’s worth of medicines. This will last you through the first few weeks in your new house. You should also review the blueprint of your new house and make plans for the placement of furniture. This will allow the movers to get an idea of where to place your belongings.

When moving into a smaller space, you’ll need to prioritize the things that you’ll keep. To make it easier, you should label boxes by room and list the contents in each box. This will allow you to pack more efficiently. This step will also reduce the amount of boxes you have to move.

It’s also important to pay attention to the weather forecast. If it rains, you need to make sure your items are waterproof. If you’re moving in the winter, pack clothes that will keep you warm. Also, make sure you have enough water with you in case you get dehydrated. The weather forecast should also provide you with information on the local weather conditions.

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Another important step in preparing for move day is decluttering your house. Keeping your home organized and clutter-free will make it easier for your movers to move your belongings. Before the move, you should have your refrigerator and freezer serviced so that they can be transported safely. You should also unplug refrigerators at least 24 hours before moving day so that they can defrost and dry. If possible, pack a few snacks for moving day.

Moving day is an important time in your life, and preparing in advance will help you keep your emotions in check. A checklist will make your transition less stressful and reduce the chance of you forgetting anything essential. As a general rule, you should begin planning at least three months before your move day. In addition to having a checklist, a to-do list will help you stay organized and focused while moving.

Another important step in preparing for move day is to protect your plants. Make sure to protect them from dehydration, which is a big problem during a move. Watering plants before the move will prevent dehydration from setting in during the move. If you can, keep water nearby and keep the soil moist.

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