What to Look for in a Mover

By MovingUP Jun25,2022

There are a few key things to look for in a mover. You should be able to easily compare quotes and choose the right one based on your needs. Listed below are some tips on what to look for in a mover. Before hiring a mover, make sure that they’re fully licensed and insured. If they don’t, you may be wasting your money. The American Moving and Storage Association estimates that the average cost of moving interstate is $4,300.

References from previous customers are another valuable source of information. Ask friends and family members about the companies they used and if they were satisfied. Also, ask the moving company for references from recent customers. You may be able to call these people to see how they were treated. Obtain references from moving companies that have completed moves similar to yours. These references will give you a clear picture of the company’s professionalism and expertise.

What to Look for in a Mover

Liability insurance is another important factor to look for. A mover should carry liability insurance, as this will protect you from any damages that may occur during the move. Some landlords and property managers require copies of insurance coverage from movers. Basic insurance may not cover the full value of your items. Always look for full value insurance when you choose a mover. However, there are many types of movers to choose from.

Lastly, check for Better Business Bureau accreditation. An accredited mover will have a high BBB rating, which gives you peace of mind. Furthermore, they’ll be transparent about their rates, so you’ll know what to expect. No hidden fees are going to keep you from achieving your moving goals. Choose a mover that has been around for several years and has a proven track record. It will make moving a lot less stressful!

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When choosing a mover, be sure to sign the bill of lading. This contract is the legal contract between you and the mover. Make sure you read the bill of lading carefully and hang on to it as it will be needed in case of disputes later. Additionally, you must pay the amount stated on the bill of lading. Ideally, the bill of lading will have the name of the mover, the type of payment, time of pickup and delivery, minimum and maximum amount, and other vital information.

Another important factor to look for in a mover is the insurance. You should be 100% sure the mover you hire has liability insurance and will not leave your belongings unprotected. Make sure they also carry the appropriate certifications. A USDOT number is a good indicator that the company is legitimate and not a scam. Lastly, make sure the mover has a proper license to do business.

Make sure the company has a Department of Transportation number (DOT) number. The DOT number helps the movers identify themselves as commercial vehicles in interstate commerce. Licensed movers will include their number in their advertising and website. Motor carriers are required to obtain this number in order to provide safe and secure services to their customers. Lastly, make sure the mover offers several types of assistance. They should be willing to adapt to your needs.

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