How Does Make My Move Work?

By MovingUP Nov15,2022

The user-friendly online marketplace, MakeMyMove, connects remote workers with local communities, offering incentives to relocate. Incentives include free moving and relocation services, discounted rent, and even a mover’s allowance. This marketplace is an excellent option for those who want to relocate and enjoy a better quality of life. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to find a new job, and it allows you to search for a job in a city of your choice.

MakeMyMove is a marketplace

MakeMyMove is a free marketplace that connects remote workers with cities that offer incentives to relocate. The company, founded by former Angie’s List executives Evan Hock and Bill Oesterle, also helps people adjust to their new homes. The marketplace offers incentives in a variety of amounts, including cash or tax credits.

The marketplace allows both employers and job seekers to find the ideal fit for their needs. The platform is easy to use, and communities can post their own offers, if they wish. For example, Purdue University offers a $5,000 incentive to live on campus, and residents have access to networking groups and a library. This has led to a two-way marketplace that has been praised by users.

It connects remote workers with local communities

MakeMyMove is a marketplace that connects remote workers to local communities that are offering incentives to attract them. Founded by Bill Oesterle, co-founder of Angie’s List, the site allows remote workers to browse a list of communities and find out which ones will offer the most incentives. The company also offers tips to help people make a decision about where to live and work.

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As more companies are making remote work permanent, more people are looking to relocate to cheaper, quieter neighborhoods. The company is helping connect them with those communities and has almost 50,000 individual profiles. The Indianapolis-based startup plans to add a few employees this year and double its staff by year’s end.

The company has analyzed the top cities for remote workers in the U.S. and has found that Chattanooga, Tennessee, ranks as the best place to live if you’re working from home. Moreover, Chattanooga has one of the nation’s fastest citywide internet connections and a lower cost of living than the national average. Moreover, the city has a temperate climate and a number of lakes and rivers, making it an ideal location for outdoor activities.

It offers incentives to relocate

If you are planning to relocate, consider checking out the incentives that cities and states are offering to attract remote workers. Most cities and states are offering financial incentives to attract workers who want to work from home. You can qualify for relocation incentives by having a full-time job in a remote location, as long as you agree to stay in your new city for at least one year.

Relocating is expensive, and you may want to plan ahead. While the incentives to relocate may sound great, you should consider other factors first, like your ability to pay for your new home. If you are financially stable, you may want to consider relocating to a low-cost area. Low-cost areas require less money than high-cost areas. Some states are encouraging the relocation of remote workers, but these programs are often only good for people working in certain areas.

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MakeMyMove offers incentives to relocate to a number of locations throughout the country. In Augusta, Maine, for example, new residents can receive a tax rebate of $15,660. The company also offers a “Design Your Own” feature that lets you customize your move by contacting local economic development programs.

While major cities are becoming more expensive, mid-sized cities are offering incentives to attract workers. Maine, for example, offers a tax credit based on your degree type to encourage new residents. In addition to a thriving restaurant scene, Acadia National Park, and lobster, Maine has a lot to offer to attract workers.


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