How Does Make My Move Work?

By MovingUP Apr18,2023

how does make my move work

Moving can be complex and time consuming, so it is crucial that you create an action plan. This should include making a list of tasks and milestones, with due dates.

Your move should go more smoothly by following our tips to avoid common pitfalls and make the experience as straightforward as possible! We have plenty of advice to make your relocation as stress-free as possible!

1. Don’t overthink it

Overthinking is a harmful mental habit that can increase stress levels, increase depression levels and cloud your judgment – especially when making big life decisions.

It’s essential that you recognize when and why you’re overthinking. By being aware, then devising strategies to address it.

If you find yourself replaying conversations and social situations over and over in your mind, this could be an indicator of social anxiety.

Hollingshead emphasizes the importance of understanding whether one’s thoughts stem from fear or intuition. Overthinkers often have difficulty distinguishing between the two, so being aware if your fears or intuition is the source can help guide the next steps you take in taking your journey forward.

2. Just go for it

Moving can be daunting and can leave us feeling exhausted, but creating a game plan and being prepared is key. Additionally, conducting some preliminary research to familiarise yourself with your new location is wise so that you have an idea of how best to navigate your new surroundings.

Get into the habit of engaging with new neighbors and coworkers regularly by making small talk. Engaging with people from various walks of life and discovering their interests can have enormously positive implications for mental wellbeing. Making new friendships could be one of the best decisions you ever make to reduce stress long-term.

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3. Don’t be afraid to ask

When moving into a new home, don’t be intimidated to ask for assistance from your friends and family members. Ask if they would be willing to assist with packing, cleaning or transporting heavy furniture and boxes so you can ensure a successful move.

No matter what the motivation, soliciting help offers many advantages – including making extra money or saving some of your hard-earned funds. Furthermore, to show our gratitude for what assistance is being provided us it’s essential that we thank those helping us and let them know we appreciate all they’re doing; an effective way of doing this would be providing them with an idea of their role so they can prepare accordingly.

4. Be yourself

If you want your move to succeed, being yourself is key. While this can be challenging in an ever-evolved social environment, being true to who you are is an essential step toward self-love and authenticity.

People tend to gravitate toward authentic people because they can see the best parts of themselves in them, and this is an effective way of building trust while making an impactful statement in society.

Staying true to yourself can lead to significant personal development, leading to more confidence in yourself and better communication skills, plus learning how to adapt quickly when circumstances shift. Doing this may help you find people and mentors who support all areas of your life.

5. Don’t be shy

Shyness can be a major source of distress in your life. It may make socializing difficult, making meeting new people even harder than before.

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Keep in mind that shyness is a natural response, often brought on by being unfamiliar or lacking confidence.

If you are shy, take steps to overcome it by trying new activities and engaging with strangers in conversation.

Though it may be difficult to start out, with persistence you will eventually overcome your shyness.

One effective strategy to combat shyness is using it as an incentive to push yourself harder; do things you normally avoid due to nervousness; approach strangers or make conversation at parties.

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