How to Be Prepared to Move Out

By MovingUP May14,2023
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Moving out is one of the first steps toward independence, so it is crucial that you evaluate your motivations and are ready for all the responsibilities that come with living alone.

An ideal first step would be creating a moving out plan with your parents and taking it step-by-step.


At the outset of living on your own, one of the first tasks you must complete is creating a budget. Doing this will enable you to determine how much rent, utilities and food costs you can afford as well as building an emergency fund in case unexpected expenses arise. Use spreadsheet or budgeting apps like Mint to plan out your finances effectively.

As part of your budget planning, make sure that all necessary furniture and decor costs are considered, while remembering extras such as TV, internet access and storage solutions. Also keep monthly subscription costs for streaming services, magazines or gym membership in mind when creating your budget. If living alone is costing too much money, roommates could help reduce living expenses while opening up larger properties to you than you could afford alone; but beware – living with roommates may increase spending habits making it harder to save for emergencies.

Choosing a place to live

Locating your new living arrangements is one of the key decisions when moving out, affecting everything from who your neighbors will be to your quality of life. Do research about each location you consider living in before making your choice based on an analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.

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Consider your commute time and amenities before selecting your new neighborhood. If you don’t own a car, for example, find out about any public transport services nearby that might offer reliable rides. Also make note of any crime statistics in the area and decide whether or not it’s a suitable place for living.

If you need assistance, turn to your parents for guidance. They have likely experienced this transition themselves and can provide invaluable insight. They can assist with selecting an apartment or home and explain how insurance, utilities and so forth work.

Getting your belongings packed

Packing can be one of the most time-consuming parts of moving, which is why starting early and sorting your items are key components. Also essential is having adequate supplies available like packing tape, boxes, markers, wrapping paper and bubble wrap – as well as having an area dedicated for packing such as your dining room table.

At first, it is wise to organize your closets and drawers before sorting through your possessions. Get rid of items no longer useful such as old clothing and books by donating or selling them. It would also be prudent to prepare a personal box containing essentials for moving day such as toilet paper, an outfit change, scissors etc.

Before moving, it is a wise idea to defrost and clean out your freezer, refrigerator and all boxes containing contents and destination; using color-coded stickers if possible for easy identification of each.

Finding a new community

Moving out from under your parents’ roof can be an exciting step toward independence; but it can also be daunting and nerve-wracking if you aren’t prepared for all the changes it will bring.

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Be sure to set a budget before moving, including “hidden” expenses like bond and connection fees for utilities. Also take an inventory of your belongings so you can estimate how much moving will cost you.

Once in your new community, it’s essential that you establish yourself. Becoming familiar with its members means becoming a regular at local coffee shops and restaurants is a good way to do this; look at community bulletin boards to stay abreast of activities and events in your area; also set aside some time for friends and family when saying goodbye – throwing a farewell party can bring closure and help prepare you to move out!


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