Preparing For a Move

By MovingUP May12,2023

preparing for move

As part of your move preparations, there are various tasks to complete. Get your official change of address on file, request time off work and confirm details with your movers.

Start packing. Prepare an accessible path for the movers to move efficiently around your home.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead when embarking on a move by getting an estimate, researching and booking movers and cleaners, creating a timeline of when tasks will need to be completed, etc.

Start decluttering today and don’t be shy about giving items to charity; doing so will reduce how much stuff you need to pack and move later. In addition, holding a garage sale or posting items online via Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist might also be worthwhile options.

Be sure to update your address with all agencies requiring it, such as cable, gas, water, electricity and garbage companies, in order to prevent mail being returned undeliverable or utilities being shut off at an incorrect address. Create a bag or box dedicated to all important documents – insurance papers and appliance manuals should all be placed safely away during moving day! Additionally, backup your computer and save photos securely onto cloud services like Dropbox for extra peace of mind.


Organization is key when moving, helping you pack more quickly and efficiently. Take an inventory of everything you’ll be taking with you to your new home, then sort items based on room. This way you can stay on top of your possessions while packing safely – decreasing the chance of any damages during transit.

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Packing materials may also be required, such as tape and marker in different colors to label boxes by room. A handcart may also prove invaluable in transporting heavier items while decreasing injury risks during the move.

Start by packing non-essential rooms such as closets and the garage, such as bedding, towels and linens in vacuum bags before placing them into boxes. Fold casual clothing before stacking them on hangers inside wardrobe boxes equipped with rods; formal attire should be placed into wardrobe boxes equipped with built-in rods. Make sure your refrigerator is defrosted 48 hours prior to your move as well as any loose components on small appliances that could compromise its stability; bubble wrap can protect fragile items such as cups and plates from being broken during transport.


Before packing up and moving out of a home, it’s always advisable to clean it thoroughly first. This gives you an opportunity to declutter and donate any items no longer useful or loved by you.

If your media player has become obsolete or you find it is no longer useful in the kitchen, as well as old cutting boards that no longer cut properly, now might be the time to part ways with them.

Cleaning your new home properly is also key to avoiding allergies. If the previous occupant had pets or was a smoker, their residue may still be present in carpeting and other surfaces – and hiring professional cleaners to assist you could help make things even easier!

Lastly, if your cleaning supplies are scattered around the house (like in your pantry or garage), it’s a good idea to get them organized for your move. Create a bin for items such as disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner and paper towels – these may come in handy during your move!

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Moving Day

By now, if you’ve followed your plan carefully, most of your inventory should be complete and boxes sorted and ready to go. If not, now is the time to get going! Now is also an opportune moment for making any final arrangements such as changing addresses and updating phone, insurance and newspaper subscription services as necessary.

Be sure to pack an essential suitcase full of pajamas, toiletries, medications and documents – this will prevent being without essentials come moving day!

If you are hiring professional movers, arrange to have time off work and coordinate schedules. Now is also an excellent opportunity to organize garage sales or donate any unwanted items that no longer serve you. And if you are making long distance moves and need to ship your car as part of the deal – now could save a lot of hassle later!

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