What Is a Managed School Transfer?

By MovingUP Oct18,2022

A managed move is a temporary school move that allows students to remain in their current school while they are transitioning to a new one. These moves are typically limited in duration, typically eighteen weeks. Regardless, it is essential to decide whether this type of move is permanent or temporary.

Managed moves are often recommended by head teachers when a pupil requires a fresh start at a new school and is at risk of permanent exclusion from the one they are in. In addition, these moves usually take place when pastoral support plans have failed to help a child in their current school. A managed move guide is available to schools and their staff.

Before a managed move can begin, both the main school and the receiving school must agree to the move. Once the two parties are in agreement, a meeting between the child and a member of the receiving school’s staff is arranged. This meeting will discuss the transfer and goals the child will achieve. This meeting also allows the child to identify what success looks like. The proposed school will also send a weekly attendance record to the home school to help with monitoring progress.

A managed move is a good idea if the original school has not been able to address the child’s behaviour problems. It is also an excellent option if the child is bright and has a good attendance record and can benefit from a fresh start at a different school. But a managed move is not always successful, particularly if the new school is not equipped to deal with the behaviour problem.

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The most effective managed move arrangement requires the involvement of both the receiving school and the secondary school. This process must be accompanied by a written agreement establishing the expectations of all parties. It is also important to consider the young person’s needs, their fears, and any support they may need during the move.

The main objective of a managed move is to make the child’s transition as easy as possible, avoiding the hassles of applying for permanent exclusion. Parents should be aware that this type of move is only recommended after all other possible solutions have been tried. The decision should be made after a careful assessment of the child’s needs.

Managed moves have been around for many years, but have only recently become widely used. They are part of the new Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations in England, which came into effect in 2016. The new regulations aim to improve collaboration between LAs and schools, and to increase communication between the two.


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