Quick Moving Checklist

By MovingUP Dec12,2022
  1. Contact and schedule moving company or rental truck
  2. Start packing non-essential items and labeling boxes
  3. Research and book hotels or temporary housing for move-in day
  4. Forward mail and update address with relevant organizations
  5. Disconnect and set up utilities at old and new locations
  6. Arrange for pet and plant care during the move
  7. Notify schools, doctors, and other important services of your move
  8. Pack a separate bag with essentials for first night in new home
  9. Confirm move-in date and time with new landlord or property manager
  10. Clean and declutter old home before moving out
  11. Take inventory of all items and make a list for insurance purposes
  12. Have a plan for safely transporting valuable or fragile items
  13. Dispose of unwanted items through donation, sale, or trash
  14. Have a plan for moving day, including assigning tasks to helpers and organizing a schedule
  15. Be prepared for unexpected setbacks and have a backup plan in place.
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